Consulting Services

“Being able to consult with Paula is like having a national expert in the field of healthy house building standing on my construction site. If you are building a home, there are so many health issues – and frankly so much money – at stake that you need to do things properly the first time. I can’t overstate how important it has been to me to be able to consult with Paula.”
~ David Shapiro, MD., Santa Barbara, CA

Since the first edition of Prescriptions for a Healthy House was published in 1998 Paula has consulted on healthy home solutions with Architects, Builders, Developers, Health Practitioners and Home-Owners all over North America and as far away as Switzerland, Israel and Singapore.

Paula has developed a broad-based skill set that makes her uniquely qualified in representing the Owner’s desires for healthy construction. Her extensive architectural background in building biology, healthy design and construction administration coupled with her research background as a writer focused on health in the built environment facilitate an effective and easy interaction with professionals and tradespeople in all aspects of the building process.

Her healthy home services have included everything from brief telephone consults to detailed specifications and extensive on-site input. Her work has often included individuals with chemical sensitivities and other special needs. Please contact EcoNest to schedule a consultation.


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