• Johnson Residence

  • In 2006 Don and Michele Johnson came to New Mexico to attend our Homing In seminar. At that time they were looking for land in Oregon on which to build their dream retirement home. During their trip they fell in love with the Santa Fe area and shortly after found their perfect property. Although not in their original plans, a turn of events lead to Don and Michele becoming owner/builders and they poured themselves into the complex task with heart and soul. The finishednest, which they moved in to in March, 2008, is one that we are all proud of.

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  • Peregrine One

  • 1,370 square foot Japanese-style 2 bedroom/2 bathroom home with winter garden and meditation room. Located on a south facing hillside at the edge of the historic village of Tesuque, just outside of Santa Fe. The home that Robert and Paula got married in!

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  • Little Residence

  • 1,320 square foot EcoNest with 2 bedroom/2 bathroom, overlooking the Sangre de Cristo foothills. The Little’s are internationally renowned Yoga teachers and the home is built to accommodate their lifestyle, featuring a large kitchen for Macrobiotic cooking classes, a yoga/meditation room, tatami bedroom, and covered porch for outdoor practice and meditation.

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Clay/Straw and Timberframe “EcoNest” Projects Completed:

Each of the projects listed below was the subject of a wall building workshop for builders, code officials, architects, students and laypeople.

Asterisks indicate projects successfully completed for individuals with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity).

Dean Residence, Canada de los Alamos, New Mexico 1996

*Stanton Residence, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1997

McGee Residence 1, Durango, Colorado, 1997

Plehn-Calhoun Residence, Pinedale, AZ 1999

McGee Residence 2, Bayfield, Colorado, 1999

Hart Residence, Bayfield, Colorado, 1999

Goldberg Residence, Bayfield, Residence, 1999

Claeys Residence, Puertocito, New Mexico, 1999

Baker-Laporte Office, Tesuque, New Mexico, 1999

Baker-Laporte Residence, Tesuque, New Mexico, 1999

Baker-Laporte Shop and Guest House 2001

Weaver/Hovemann Residence, Grass Valley, California, 2002

*McTiegue Residence, Pagosa Springs, Colorado, 2002

Hays/Carl Residence Eagle Creek, Oregon, 2003

Baker-Laporte Residence 2, Tesuque, New Mexico, 2003

Matassoni Residence, Canon City, Colorado, 2004

Little Residence, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2004

Bridges/Nakayama Residence, Hesperus, Colorado, 2005

Birds of a Feather Community Phase 2 Master Plan 2005

Trembicki Residence, Pecos, New Mexico, 2006

Thornton Residence, Durham, Ontario, Canada, 2006

Nuse Residence, Fayette, Missouri, 2006

McGowan Residence, Pecos, New Mexico, 2006

Little Studio, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2006

Hoffman Residence, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2006

Fleener Residence, Bayfield, Colorado, 2006

Ebersole Residence, Santa Fe, New Mexico 2006

Commonweal Conservancy, Southern Crescent Master Plan 2006

Riverstone Guest House, Durham, Ontario, Canada, 2007

Litt Residence, West Grey, Ontario, Canada 2008

Cherry Residence, Tesuque New Mexico, 2008

Morton/Gollub Guest House, Chupadero, New Mexico 2008

Pratt Residence, Moose Wyoming, 2009

Zimmerman Residence, Mapeltown, Ontario Canada, 2009

Krooeker Residence, Roseau River, Manitoba, Canada2009

Pignanelli, Guest House, Tesuque New Mexico, 2009

Allison Yoga Barn, Ashland, Oregon 2010

Eschenbacher Residence, Pecos NM 2010

Baker-Laporte Cottage, Salt Spring Island British Columbia, 2011

Baker-Laporte Residence, Ashland Oregon, 2012


To see more EcoNest homes go to http://www.econesthomes.com/natural-building-design/portfolio/